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Staff/ Specialist Process Engineering

Job Code
TE 01-19

Job Title
Staff/ Specialist Process Engineering



18 to 50 years

Education and Experience

- Bachelor with 10 to 15 years of experience.
- Master with 10 to 15 years of experience.
- Doctorate with 10 to 15 years of experience.


Chemical Engineering

Employment Type



Provide Technical Services for the refinery. This includes monitoring, optimization and troubleshooting of the process units.

Monitor and Optimize Units by Monitoring plant operation, calculating economic losses and evaluating catalyst activity. Detailed reports on findings are prepared to recommend changes to optimize unit operation. It is expected that simulation models will be used to rigorously model unit operation

Support Operations During Shutdown, Inspection and Start-up of Units by using the understanding of unit operating conditions and transient effects of startup and shutdown to recommend to Operations improvements in startup and shutdown procedures.

Perform Specific Area Tasks by doing assigned unit specific tasks such as: coordinating Catalyst/Chemical usage for the profit plan, prepare the off-stream report, FCC catalyst usage report, etc.

Develop TSRs by recommending economically justifiable revision and improvements to the assigned units. Prepare the Technical Service Request (TSR) paperwork, including all required process input.

Develop Long Term Projects by Proposing major projects to improve profitability. Develop plans to implement the project, prepare the item for the capital budget and follow-up on installation

Troubleshoot Unit Operation by in investigating plant trips/shut-downs. This includes checking compressors for surge

Train Lower Level Engineers by participating in training and development

Apply Environmental and Safety Awareness by being fully informed of all safety and environmental requirements. Be able to do first aid if required. Responsible for area and personal safety.


Educational Requirements or Equivalent: Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.

Previous Experience Required: Minimum 10-15 years of related experience & Must have Process Engineering Experience Utilities, Boilers & Energy.

Specialized Knowledge: Unit hardware constraints and operation. Thermodynamics, Fluid Flow and Chemistry, mass and energy balances, computer applications including PI, process models, Best Practice networks. Knowledge of unit start-up and shutdown procedures and unsteady-state process impacts.

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